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We specialize in washer & dryer repair, refrigerator and freezer repair, and general appliance repair & service. We service Houston Metroplex & the surrounding cities. Also we service all of Harris County and will offer the same service to the surrounding counties for extra travel charge due to cost of fuels. Whatever your appliance needs may be, Roy will make sure it is done correctly the first time.
Houston Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Start with great appliances! We have a variety of ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and small appliances to choose from. Choose from units with special features like dual-purpose fridge-freezers, gas or electric ovens and stoves, stainless steel exterior plating, and more.

Laundry Room Appliance Repair

Looking clean and put together is so much harder when you don't have a working washer and dryer. At Scratch and Dent Appliance, we are the experts in all makes and models of laundry room appliances, and are eager to help you get yours up and running like new. Beyond simply repairing the washer and dryer, we also offer dryer vent cleaning services, water line repair, and scheduled check-ups to make sure everything stays working properly.

Houston Outdoor Appliances & Barbecues

Outdoor Appliances & Barbecues

Everyone in Houston knows, when the good weather is here, it's best to take full advantage of it! Don't let a defective barbecue or other faulty outdoor appliance keep you from having a great time. Rather, let us have a look, and we'll repair, maintain, and clean your outdoor appliances so they are in proper working condition, ready for you to enjoy.

Houston Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Are you having fridge problems? If your fridge is not staying cold, making strange sounds, or is leaking water, it's definitely time to call the crew at Scratch and Dent Appliance to have a look. We'll diagnose the problem, recommend and quote the cost of repairs before we begin, and even re-stock the refrigerator when we're done. If it's still not working right, we'll come back until it is. That's the five-star service you deserve!

Houston Small Appliance Repair

Small Appliance Repair

Even the smallest appliances can be a pain when they're not working right. When you are having trouble with your coffee machine, electric mixer, vacuum, razor, toaster or toaster oven, microwave, or other small appliance, bring it to us, or call one of our friendly service people to you home to have a look. If anyone can save it, rest assured that we can!

Houston Washers & Dryers

Washers & Dryers

When you're in the market for a new washer or dryer, look no further than our showroom. We have all the latest models from the most reliable brands in the biz, covered by warranty. We'll even help you get rid of the old washer or dryer when we come to install your new one.

Houston Commercial Appliances

Commercial Appliances

If you own a restaurant, cafe, laundromat, grocery store, or any other type of business that depends heavily on appliances, you understand that when something doesn't work, you lose money…fast! Don't hesitate to call Scratch and Dent Appliance right away for speedy repairs. If the unit cannot be saved, we also feature a range of modern industrial-grade appliances on sale for competitive prices, all covered by warranty from the manufacturer.

Houston Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

When you have problems with your dishwasher, your problems can be much worse than having to wash all the dishes by hand. You could risk a clogged drain, leakage onto your floors, or a spike in your water bill. Be sure to call the pros at Scratch and Dent Appliance to have a look into the root of the issue. We are familiar with the mechanics of dishwashers from all brands, and will provide speedy repairs and considerate customer care every step of the way.